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That's not to say that she has also tossed her knack for making wondrously ornate musical webs out of the most rudimentary of components too, as sprinkled throughout Junior are lush instrumental passages that would put most post-rock bands to shame, but the heart and soul of Junior is contained in its more straightforward numbers.

Six months after a deadly virus rampages through the world leaving only pockets of survivors still alive within a land owned by zombies.

No sooner had the transplanted Atlanta native gone from performing on New York City subway platforms to landing a major label deal and becoming the instrumental solo-acoustic-guitar voice of her generation, when she promptly switched gears.

Choosing to define herself less as a solo guitarist and more as a complete artist, King began showcasing her singer/ songwriter side on 2006’s …[Rounder], is her heaviest to date, both sound-wise and emotionally.

Kaki King's new no bullshit approach has paid off in spades.

While Junior lacks the mystifying guitar work that she built her name on, it is her most visceral and down to earth release to date.

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There is a misprint in the etching on the deadwax of Side 1, where the catalog number is listed as "257460".

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