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Hence, a widely accessible Internet database would certainly become a valuable tool to collect and provide comprehensive information to better understand and document major aspects of cephalopod biology and fishery. Effects of temperature and phylogeny on interspecific comparisons of age and size at maturity Wood J. This paper addresses the confounding effects of temperature and phylogeny while answering the question, “Do larger cephalopods live longer? To test this hypothesis, life-history data from 18 species of cephalopods, from five orders, with sizes at maturity spanning five orders of magnitude, were obtained from the literature.

Without temperature consideration and with Nautilus spp. Coleoid cephalopods through time: neontological approaches to their palaeobiology in the light of the fossil record Free University of Berlin, Germany September 16 - 19, 2002.

Also, log relative digestive gland weight showed a strong relationship with starving time, but, surprisingly, not with temperature. However, insitu octopus growth is not well understood.

Keywords: RNA/DNA; ; Growth Understanding octopus growth: patterns, variability and physiology Semmens J. Recently, counting growth increments in beaks and vestigial shells, and quantifying lipofuscin in brain tissue, have all shown promise for the ageing octopus.

Furthermore, higher relative maintenance energy expenditure, along with the low energy content of their prey, may account for the relatively slow growth of deep-sea octopuses compared to littoral species. This behavior can be fatal and is therefore an animal welfare issue. Database driven web sites can rapidly publish large sources of data on a platform accessible across geographic and political boundaries.

Get the pdf Interspecific evaluation of octopus escape behavior Wood J. Survey data from 38 participants, primarily scientists and public aquarists who work with octopuses, was obtained on 25 described species of octopus. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science In press Senescence is a normal stage of an octopus's life cycle that often occurs before death. This rapid and cost effective method of exchanging copious amounts of information will greatly help scientists understand the biocomplexity of natural systems.

None of the VI Alpha tags were retained in laboratory animals, but VIE tags remained visible for the duration of the laboratory study and were used in all field studies.

The 10 recaptured squid weighed from 19.1 to 122.9 g with an average and standard deviation recapture weight of 56.9 35.5 g, compared to their original weights of 48.0 30.5 g.

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